Community Development Districts…What are they?

A Community Development District (“CDD” or “District”) is a local unit of special-purpose government, created pursuant to Chapter 190, Florida Statutes (“F.S.”), and is limited to the performance of those specialized functions authorized therein. The Poinciana West CDD is authorized to provide certain infrastructure improvements as outlined to the engineer’s report for the community of Solivita West. Once the infrastructure is built, the CDD is then required to maintain these public facilities. The CDD operates and maintains public infrastructure such as the storm water management system and certain of the landscaping and turf adjacent thereto.

What is the purpose of the Poinciana West CDD?

The District was created to finance and manage the acquisition, construction, operate and maintain of a portion of the infrastructure necessary for community development.

The Ordinance establishing the District authorizes the District to issue bonds for the purpose of financing, funding, planning, establishing, acquiring, constructing or reconstructing, enlarging or extending, equipping, operating, and maintaining water management, water supply, sewer and wastewater management, bridges or culverts, roadways, street lights, and other basic infrastructure projects within or without the boundaries of the District as provided in the establishment Ordinance.

Poinciana West CDD/Solivita

The Solivita community is comprised of two CDDs: the Poinciana CDD and the Poinciana West CDD. The creation of these two Districts provides an efficient mechanism for managing and financing the public infrastructure associated with the planning and development of the Solivita community. The Poinciana West CDD was established pursuant to an Ordinance of the Polk County Board of County Commissioners, No. 2006-052, effective October 6, 2006.

The lands within the Poinciana West CDD encompass approximately 946.91 acres south of Cypress Parkway, east of the wildlife management area, and north and west of Poinciana CDD in Polk County, with 1,650 residential units planned for the development. There are 22 wet and six dry water detention treatment ponds, as well as 31 enhanced wetland areas and 1.5 miles of enhanced Southern Canal.

Governing Board of Supervisors

The Poinciana West CDD is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors (the “Board”), and they encourage the public to attend their meetings to learn more about the community and to see local government at work.